The Union Trust Difference

The Union Trust Difference

If you are evaluating mortgage companies that will partner with you in progressing your career in origination consider these points about life at Union Trust:


  • founded in 1991 we have succeeded when others have not


  • we are just the right size for you to maximize benefits:

    • direct interaction with the owners

    • help-desk support 24/7

    • our experienced back office staff have worked together for many years.

    • a culture that values constructive input


  • we have the backing of a national consortium of bankers to maximize purchasing power in services as well as products

    • your pricing and product mix is always competitive at Union Trust


  • our common-sense policies and procedures are designed to maximize your talents and minimize unproductive tasks

    • processing is handled by competent, experienced mortgage professionals with a get-it-done attitude  

    • appraisals are managed in house and not by 3rd parties  

    • our online POS system gives you access to all of your files including the call logs maintained by the processors


  • our partnership path gives you the option of greater control and accelerated profits

    •  think in terms of an attorney or cpa firm

    •  we are looking for a few driven originators who want to explore the benefits and rewards of becoming a partner


As a mortgage loan officer at Union Trust, we give you the flexibility you have earned, the products and servicing your clients expect, and the direct, one-on-one support you need to take your career to the next level.  Since 1991, Union Trust has earned a reputation for

For more information and an opportunity to explore Union Trust, please contact Ed Ridolfi in complete confidence: or cell: 978.771.6537